After the exam

Hello, my dear old friend.

I hope we can go back to how it began.

Beyond the screens, the chimneys & the steam.

Before the gourmet, buffets & ice cream.

Beyond the clouds of smoke & the slavery of nine to five

To a place where the only worry is that play ground with the bee hive.

Over the rainbows & behind the moon.

Over the Saturn rings to a place with no laters & soons.

Where you are dressed as summer in monsoon.

With your eyes of intoxication, nose of a snow top & lips of cheesecake

Your legs of butter, torso of silk & expressions of love that give my mind an earthquake

Remember that time when I sang that song to you?

Craved my heart open & told you I love you?

When the daisies were blooming & the blankets were ripped off the bed

Reminiscing of a sleepless night that was had

The plate is still set on the table;

the candle is still bright, like a light saber

Off the cusps of the destruction of the afternoon

With wrecked tables, chairs & bloom.

Beyond that time; my summer wine.

My escape from the world; my rhythm divine.

My bloom to the blues, my sunshine, my muse.

Do you remember? Do you remember today?

Maybe not, I’ll tell you another day.

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