the society swallows the reality in gossip truth disappears like tears in rain. nothing hurts, everyone goes about their day no thoughts, no feelings, no pain. the silence swallows what could have been. the truth slips away like sand from the hand. with each unsaid word, a new beginning dies i ask you to believe […]

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What’s a man without sadness? What’s a life without deceit? What’s a broken woman’s wail? & lives lived discreet What’s an eagle without wings? A falling subterfuge What’s a dying man’s last wish? Chained to his gods & views Beyond the questions unanswered Is an inconsequential existence Held in a mother’s arms Is a crying […]

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there are these waves

there are these waves which used to be melancholic before, curving, rising and falling now; her hair there are these moments when the earth stops spinning everything stops: just her smiling lying down all night listening and laughing deep and a death clutch, a forever and after: her stare her memories a ride, her laughter […]

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2/10/22; sunday there is a trend that consumes the thoughts; an exercise of awareness that is to be practiced over and over again, might i add, religiously, for it to work. the practice is to control the mind; it is a catch 22; the philosophical & medical question of what is controlling what? isn’t the […]

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the chase

raised fists believing in change the dawn of a new world order beaten up and chained bars till older the obliterating catastrophe is the journey to find peace the final conquering is the quest to tame the mind those dancing to a song others can’t hear are insane when thought of like this, lovers and […]

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underneath/ over it

a few days have made me older i don’t recognise this place and the nights keep getting colder i do not remember your face stories of how it used to be are told while we lie cold on the grass bleeding they take time to process how it goes the pretenders just watch seething lets […]

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raakh ka ubaal hun me vish bimisaal hun me peeth par prahaar hun sher ki dahaad hun shaitaan ki me chaal hun me zindagi ka saar hun. jo ant se bhi dar gaya vo jeete jee hi mar gaya suraj uska dhal gaya chitta sa vo jal gaya vo haarke hi ghar gaya mera ant […]



days (years), events, tears, have buried you silence & finding meaning your home and i will not come to give you a shoulder for we are all on the same ship, soldier. you do not need me anymore just wanting to be heard but not finding the words lost at parties, bored at book clubs […]

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trade my belongings for that summer rain when we played innocently on the terrace each rain drop a contradiction to the smiles each laughter louder than the raging clouds the chairs were used as imaginary walls or as palaces to pretend and play dirty hands and clean souls making animals out of clay i had […]

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must a man live for all the stages of play each a burning saga of conflict and dismay the bullets lay spread, recoiled off innumerable rounds the office clerks refuse to dare a count all is lost, human blood on ground even the ghosts are scared to make a sound. the children still have hope […]

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no god/all good

once in my mind and on the road, i came across a person (a man!), the story told. he told me to believe and renounce disbelief and take every word he said as truth. first he told how he is actually thirty three described in four books written by deities. it does teach to discriminate […]

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do i start ranting like a madman to anyone that would listen? how pristine, how petite, how divine is my vision? how maybe i have found religion? the meaning, the reason to what you call god love; an infirmary i caught. her hair a color of spectrum’s of day break her eyes a comfort and […]



expected of the night to play these tricks with me i try to not react and let it be but the night lets everything fall and before i know it the evil stands tall the reality that i can’t save all starts taking a toll and i, i try to fight with all my might […]

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love happened

when we lie shattered in and within ourselves and the silence speaks more words than words ever can can i keep hugging you till sleep takes over? can i turn you into a bead string that i can keep counting? a meditation; a devotion. a childhood’s memory that i am living now. this soft addiction […]

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i don’t have much time left

“partly truth, partly fiction; a walking contradiction.” i don’t have much time left before my contradictory needs and dreams consume the burning torch of passion and the words i say right now, unfiltered and uncensored become the fatal imbroglio of words that please words that spread like wildfire and are consumed by masses that will […]

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we are on this swindling terrain created on a perceived facade dancing in defiance of the dark counting those long lost stars trying to understand, waiting to be loved dying away our lives silent to the words melting each day on the candle wax, bright and alone at night rising and falling like waves, broken […]

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you will never hear the complaints of your shortcomings or how i felt i was betrayed and left with my face in the mud cause i have better things to do for my ranch awaits and it requires me to milk that cow in the morning take the horse out to the fields for grazing […]

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it has been a minute

philosophizing before i become rich before my hair turns grey; before i sell out for right now what i feel, i have existed before this and beyond this point my existence will be different i will feel different; i will know different. the fallacies will be more evident, the tics more difficult to control it […]

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mile na mile kya farq hai; anjaan tab the, ajaan ab hai. ranjh-o-gam ki deevare uchchi kar do; javani ki ruhaniyat har manzar mar rahi hai. puchcha jab usne ashiyan kaisa hota hai; le kar usse aine ke saamne dhar diya. maza to talabh ka hai, pyaar to tab hai jab haasil me bhi maza […]

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will i stop pretending that the rush is gone? close the door, turn off the lights and go on. we are doomed by our being; we are wrecked by nature. not understood, non defined, persona non grata. the skill is to feign. the art is the refusal to feel. together we journey on the long […]

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sometimes we are entering at the end gnomes in a world of giants; courageous, hard working but gnomes nevertheless bleeding, hungry, eaten away, diseased. myths that do not make the headlines for the myths are of defeat. even the failures make it; as the what not to do columns. how knowing something can make u […]

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ilaaj asaan tha haal puchna tha dil to nadaan tha izhaar sochna tha mehfilen toh aati jaati rahengi dil-e-nakar anjaam sochna tha paani ki chah hi sirf pyaar nahi tha mera pyaar ka guldaston nahi, baag banana tha kitni mohbbat ho gayi thi tumse chila chila kar duniya ko jatana tha sirf paana maqsad nahi […]

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last dance

when the world stops turning where will you turn to? hands clung to the broken memories of the past and the drugs that we are into will bring no relief and we will be gone from here without a trance filled on the nuisance of the usual world we forgot to take the time to […]

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sand drifting away with each wave in the storm passers by pretending they will stay long elicited feigned emotions, crowded detached commotions triggered past on broken glass of melting candle wax lives past, angels draped in the blood clad subterfuge yet we refuse to acknowledge the imbroglio never introspect our own shortcoming to follow through […]

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Awaaz do

Dhima ho chala hai waqt ka bahav Isse ab jazbaat aansuon se kehne do Rok lo bikharte rishte ko Iss anjuman ko aaj me hi rehne do Khol do darvaja, paar kar lo kivaad Baaton ko aaj jaam ki tarah behne do Mehsoos karo iss lamhe ko, Aaj aur ab me hi jeevan ka saar […]

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Unless we voyage the unexplored thoughts Is this facade worth showing the blots? An emotion, a hug, a tear, a scent, A feeling that removes the distinction between beginning and end. The adrenaline rush with every sunshine A speedy high every night Without drugs and drinks, With curiosity simmering from the glass’s brink, A quicksand […]

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The Crowd

Though the long gone ghosts are still fighting for their kings Going out on a limb, cutting through the smoke & finding nothing Their belief in their false gods have not yet died They still have hope inside They keep the weapons high To somehow feel that their deaths mattered They feel alone, all the […]

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One Day

If you try to find hate in the oppressed; Even with words & abuses hurled at the oppressive; You will find an absence of hate. The hate stems from being hated on, The anguish of feeling inferior for variables beyond their control. Variables that were created by the oppressive to stay in the position of […]

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The Jungle

Darkness. No sun rays on the ground. Blood. Carcass. Teeth. Sounds. Birds. Jackals. Hunger. Trees. Rain. Gorillas. Sun. Seeds. Survival is the only solution. No handouts, no absolutions “Feeling”, is a concept that does not exist. Raw. Uncensored. Relentless. Raised fists. You eat what you hunt, no knives no guns. It is not about the […]

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Back with rap

Clouds bleed for their lover, If only we loved each other. Still waiting for that Summer. The people run for cover From the bombs flying from the sky Each day a lover dies Preachers still testify. Still punchin’ till I die And it is crunches and lunges I crawl over and plunge in The sky […]

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I am You

Will there be keen ears to hear the lessons by the hair turned grey? The burning candle flickering through & beyond the pages of yesterday. Will my dear wait & anticipate another prose about her lovely smile? Or the kids rejoice to hear my stance on the historical political demise? Will the people hear about […]

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“Kill your masters & run away”, Said the farmer to the slave. “Run, run till your soles cannot anymore Make, make that necessary escape. They will kill you for their empire Till you are a walking corpse, Then feast on your body till dawn, And not pay you what you are worth, exploit you like […]

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HR 12

Bring me back to life to those summer times I still live here; in your head These recent times might have made me soft But I ain’t dead. When we ran on those lanes where we belonged And fell together and bled When the coffee tasted sweeter & the movies more intriguing Where waters ran […]

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Sidhu Moose Wala

My thoughts I know that burn a hole Through the pages of the time And innocence can’t comprehend The dying of the light All escape to serenade The preachers of the dawn While you sit to wait and contemplate The meaning of the songs By singers long dead and gone While their echoes are still […]

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When did we?

All crave & pray to the same evil That will take away their life Conqueror of thought & views Demon of the night All of us will die away Repeat the same mistakes History revisited, no rectification. Same results, same commotion. While the dead wither away from disease & hunger. The prime leader grows in […]

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Do you know?

Do you know the peace when love is happy & true? Do you know when you smile at night the moonlight becomes you. The chaos, the disaster, the havoc, the wreck; All in the rear view mirror, forgotten and dead. The only moving parts are the road we are on, our lips when they meet […]

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The Driver

A survey was conducted by the Central govt. of India regarding the condition of roads, with emphasis on the National and State highways, and the sample consisted of truck drivers, known to commute & shift load from one state to another. One question stated: “Which road/highway do you consider to be the best?”; this is […]

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Teri wafa me daga thi

Teri wafa me daga thi jaan-e-jaan Kyu ki agar kaatil zamaana tha To bhi ishq to nibhana tha Agar nibhaati to ye bagairat zamana na hota Aur tere aashiq ka pata maikhana na hota Teri wafa me daga thi jaan-e-jaan. Kyu ki agar ishq ka paimana tha To abba kya kahenge to bahana tha Abba […]

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I spoke? Naught.

I saw the burning houses on the second cross street. I heard the charred women screaming for their charred babies. I smelled the burning mortar on the road fresh beyond its melting point. I spoke? Naught. I saw the mob running to kill the distinct. I heard the scream of the pain while the clubs […]

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The Drunkard’s Day

Each morning I wake to the sound and grace Of the birds chirping away innumerable days With their sound giving rise to light While the coffee simmers in the boiling pot And the aroma creates words that guide Till the day brings the gloom, usually by afternoon Pealing away the smiles & shining the pain […]

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The truth’s story

True till the end of eternity Lying till the beginning of time, Crushed by the obscenity of the dying And the blood that leaked from the eyes If you wanted the wheels to fall off If you wanted an escape If you wanted the lights to flicker at night If you wanted to continue the […]

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The bullets

In the eyes of the shadow of times Reflecting on the nights of contradiction Burning bright like the candle alight Partial truth, partial fiction. No one was there to take the fall I guess we had to commit after all The bombs were heard all over the city Blinding lights, flashing fire, really pretty. Maybe […]

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Echoes, wails, tears, screams. A painter’s canvas, a writer’s ink, a director’s camera and a woman’s reality. If the machine is the factories’, the money is the bosses’, the land is the governments’; What do I own? The wind, the sea, the breeze? Dreams, faith, belief, trial. A young man’s doubts, an adult man’s struggles, […]

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The Wrestler

Blood on the canvas The sweat drenched carnival The lights above us The 3 count and it will be over The curtain call; the passing of the torch. The ‘roids have kicked in; the veins are engorged. A career taking bumps, the lost brain cells The deathmatches, the last man standings, the hell in the […]

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It is hysterical that a criminal is a vestibule to the inner demons of a bloody afternoon that was created long back by a road map of kidnap of chance to those that worked hard & maintained patience by men … that will condone a woman not being able to choose whether she wants a […]

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Must be her

What abysmal plot is this devious life? Lovers by day, strangers by night. Masquerade, facade & charade. Laughter, kisses, smiles & wait. Drifting words with coffee on an afternoon. Petrichor on the first day of monsoon. Eyes, scent, embrace & wait. Days going slow, but years running late. Through the cracks of the draught of […]

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After the exam

Hello, my dear old friend. I hope we can go back to how it began. Beyond the screens, the chimneys & the steam. Before the gourmet, buffets & ice cream. Beyond the clouds of smoke & the slavery of nine to five To a place where the only worry is that play ground with the […]

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Children’s kites

On the confession stand, I ain’t the true man. Do you forgive the sins when I stagger back drunk again? Shining through the still road, comes a bike from far away. Burning the street & burning the light, he plans to not stay On the brink of utter destruction, he will fight them all. Even […]

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The harmonica

Somewhere in the distance, the man in the shadows holds a play There is no depth to the circus, the old men say On their knees, arms folded, they get together & pray Sight charred, broken arms, waiting for the new day. Let it be stated & confessed, every hour is a punishment Crowded to […]

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Hosh me aane do

Hosh me aane do samjha dunga Insaan ujaad veeraniyan Ankahi ansuni kahaniyan Jab aayi aakhir milne Soch ke lagi khilne Kis tarah izhaar karegi Samay lekar thi nikli Jaise ho fuul par titli Chodd ke aayi thi bandhan saare Sanket the tootte taare Jab pahochi manzil par Toh insaan nahi mazar tha Par phir bhi […]

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