Children’s kites

On the confession stand, I ain’t the true man.

Do you forgive the sins when I stagger back drunk again?

Shining through the still road, comes a bike from far away.

Burning the street & burning the light, he plans to not stay

On the brink of utter destruction, he will fight them all.

Even if everyone is 8’11, he will stand tall.

Mercy at his feet, he shows no remorse.

Bullets to the head, and all heads get curb stomped.

Justice delayed is justice denied; seven sins soliloquy.

Served on the altar of the mortar of the dead preys.

It is okay if you don’t understand.

He loves the fact that you don’t pretend.

If I was an illusion, you were delusional too.

Wrapped in your crooked lies, and your cooked-up rue.

Blasting through the tall walls, comes the wrecking ball

Everyone is half and half, no one whole.

Waiting for the sunny days, and the dark nights.

Fly away, dismayed, those children’s kites.

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