Renounce The Obvious

The principle concept of socialisation is to get more clarity and insight into one’s own mind. The best listeners that listen, listen to get insight into their psyche. The speakers speak to know more. Approval or disapproval are secondary. The process of either learning, un-learning or relearning is the ultimate goal. If your biases change, it means you are a better person and already in the rare class of those that understand how to survive & grow. Kill your biases. Destroy your beliefs. Place in the obvious like God, religion, caste, preachers, speeches, or the more visible, like physical attributes, genes, smiles, gait, the least of your energy. Renounce the obvious. Values are inculcated and grown at a place that operates on a deeper level. A person that has insight into this process will always have an edge over those that don’t. An educated person that does not read book has no advantage over someone that cannot read. Applying the skills requires training. Keeping quiet and working on your disciplines is the mark of a real and dangerous person; for that person has no insecurities like missing out on things, people and events. She/he works because they realise the concept of compounding. If you score higher than everyone else in class, it gives you a better chance to get a job. But, is the job really gonna give you the satisfaction and clarity your soul needs? If not, then, your sleepless efforts into getting those scores was useless. Education needs an overhaul. What should be taught are skills that you are passionate about. Money, security, food, shelter etc. are secondary attributes to a more deeper and dare I say, “spiritual” reality of doing what you are passionate about. Eventually, the world will awaken to the reality that all the fights, injustice, crimes, were because of someone else’s need for power and greed. What about ours? If we work on what we need, instead of what we want, we will conquer the actual enemy: Self. A man that is trigger ready wants to conquer the world cause he understands that he is too weak to conquer himself. The prime example of this is the post of the Prime Minister of India: The power trip Narendra Modi feels is because of the chair he sits on; he is a weak and hollow man without it, hence, his relentless quest to keep it. Dr. Manmohan Singh was a man without the post; his skills were so singular and his admirers so ubiquitous, he uplifted the chair and post of the Prime Minister. Or a Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the greatest Prime Minister in the history of India. His genius was in his reality, which always came across; his vision was so holistic that it uplifted idea and bore fruits that we are still feeding on. The facade of Narendra Modi can create illusion; but it can never create permanence. A weak man lives in constant fear, fear or death & defeat. What can be applauded is his effort, what should be shunned is his facade.

Women and men that have conquered self; escaped from the chains of society, have the right to lead society.

Begin your escape.

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