the society swallows the reality in gossip

truth disappears like tears in rain.

nothing hurts, everyone goes about their day

no thoughts, no feelings, no pain.

the silence swallows what could have been.

the truth slips away like sand from the hand.

with each unsaid word, a new beginning dies

i ask you to believe

but even be’lie’ve has a lie.

the ghosts of past haunt, even dreams are not an escape

the truth gets stabbed, like a gangster betrayed.

eventually we are all waves

going back and forth again.

some find shore, for some the depths are home

and before we get answers, we are all gone.

maybe the truth is your eyes, though your words i don’t comprehend.

i am lost, confused, unsure, but i don’t want it to end.

truth? maybe i will never find, nor will i find myself.

sigh, i guess i will read this book some other time,

time to put it back on the shelf.

back to work, back to pretense,

a long day with no end in sight

just when i thought i had it figured out

the thought and the answer dies

will you help me see? discover that what i seek.

and maybe if i figure it out, it will be you i get to keep.

maybe that is the answer, maybe the answer is the eyes.

i ask you to believe

but even be’lie’ve has a lie.

i was once called an illusion.

a facade, a pretense, a mirage

and i once sat on a railway track for hours.

now the time is coming closer

for my one last retreat,

one last attempt to capture the truth

that for long i seek

maybe the words will flow right, maybe i will make sense

the perfect verse, the perfect thought,

before i end.

till we get it right, one last time

can we just pretend?

and maybe, just maybe then,

we can be friends.


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