The bullets

In the eyes of the shadow of times

Reflecting on the nights of contradiction

Burning bright like the candle alight

Partial truth, partial fiction.

No one was there to take the fall

I guess we had to commit after all

The bombs were heard all over the city

Blinding lights, flashing fire, really pretty.

Maybe we never did talk enough

Over the windy mountains & the bedroom’s tapestry

Glasses clinked, the clown singed,

Will you let me in?

I have been standing out in the cold

Maybe you don’t see but it has snowed

And the night has taken its toll

All the lights in the neighbourhood are off

I have nowhere to go, I have nowhere to be

Maybe if I plead again you will see.

The destruction that creates me is your arms

Your lips to wake me up my only alarm

I lay down my weapons, the gloves are off

Your eyes are on me again, I hope.

The janitor cleans the mess we made.

Cost of which with our love we paid.

Maybe you should have stayed.

Maybe I should have prayed.

But my gods died a long time ago.

Killed along with the demons in me.

My love my abode; my bleeding heart the melody

That sings only your symphony

And breathes only your air

For even if I have a lifetime, it feels like a second of stare.

Just look up, I am still there.

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