Planet Earth. Just one.

Kings and queens bow down their heads

For the light beyond the big red’s nest

And on those grounds unfounded

Comes that nefarious sound

And the grounds rattle, breaking the shackles

Of the violence caused by man

And the reality dawns, from the crooked bones

That all is grain of sand.

And while I take your hand

Soon it will be time to lay to rest

And forget the rest of the song

Though the lives will go on

I might not be home; so, for long.

Honey, I would break the wheels of the grind I find myself in.

For the clouds have all filled the ground with the sorrows I cannot feel.

And your lips take me through, to the window of the blues.

And your eyes give delight, of a place that I might

Want to stay. But today? I will go.

Making no noise for my voice will not reach you.

The pigeons on the ground have all done their preying.

The lion had his share and now the jackals are playing

With the dead, and the words he left unsaid.

And the promises that he was supposed to keep

For the girl she is still waiting and cannot sleep

And the harangue that was told but heard barely

Has been the only sound, really.

Impertinent he must have been, though ingenious to the brim.

Look beyond the horizon on the soiled path

Where the blood stains the foot steps

And the lights they have no home.

And the people are all alone.


Trips to the southern hills where snow covers the mountain tops

The snow leopard in is hiding, and its time it is biding

For once escaped, he will awake to the reality of the human’s greed.

One shot through the skin, and the leopard will be dead meat.

Oh how fickle is this justice, how these lies are dealt.

The land lies dead; the snow shall soon melt.

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