The torments that followed me I break away from.

The demons that were gonna prey I eat away on.

My past dies with every flickering thought of my conscience

I survive as I smile on my sins and bones.

I victimise the crumbling demons.

I sing tunelessly and without rhythm.

The spine on the pine and renouncement of the divine.

Words on a paper that is crumbled and thrown away.

My only home is what I call my own and that is the only place I will stay.

Contrary to the perception it is a toxic injection in the veins.

A scrofulous affair. A blind man’s stare.

Earth’s scorched heat and a godless prayer.

Distorted, ever since he turned to obnoxious.

Conscious, yet unconscious to the calling.

All blind calls, and now all in.

Falling to the ruthless aggression.

Conniving tension and human emotions.

Frozen underneath, 10 feet deep.

Remorseless, to a point where people can’t sleep.

Trees crumble, thunder falls and the land shook.

While he drives away with the system exploding

” Ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks”.

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