In Your Head

Sounds. Songs. Thoughts.

Glimmering morning coffee in a mug

A broken man out of luck.

Forgotten faces. Unknown locations.

The silver spoon. Peaceful commotion.

Adrenaline rush. Predefined notions.

Finger tips away but unreachable.

The understood reality: Unprechable.

The myth that is lived everyday by the mundane.

The dried up tears of the insane in pain.

Words said and unsaid.

Lived corpses and those dead.

A genie in a bottle.

Rubbed the wrong way

Songs sung for the kings and queens

That did not know how to rule

And could only rule over the mule.

Mountains that crumble

Seas that burn

Skies that fall

Roads that leak

Blood that runs.

Cries that laugh.

Unkept hair and unlit cigar.

Phantasmagorical has a ostentatious truth

Discern if searched, ample in dearth.

A crumbled paper thrown away reveals more than any words.

Flying away, to its empty nest on the windy road like the birds.

The Prophesied one.

And the one bullet left in the chamber of the gun.


Rent free.

Sounds. Songs. Thoughts.

And the one burning tree.



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