Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Over the Saturn’s rings while the people sleep
She whispers she wants to let go, dance and sing
And I take her by the hand to that place she understands
Where people don’t intervene while we play & pretend

To the place beyond the gloom, on a land like the Moon
Sharing thoughts, untying knots and laughing off our boots
Till our feet dip in the sand while the waves rock the land
Over coffee that I got for myself while it was whisky that she drank

& we don’t know why we’re here and she makes sure to avoid a stare
But I can sit back and watch those eyes not on me for all I care
And while I rationalise the ache, & initiate another mistake
She runs off to her fairy land and lets me into her place

And I know it might end soon, maybe by afternoon
But I’d rather know love that has no story than a story without any love
And then I lie down on my bed and put that worry to rest
For the present sure feels like a gift and I’d rather stay in this cuckoo’s nest

So, let’s take another walk, let’s discuss another case
Decipher life, question tides and try and cross this maze
And if you ask for a hand to hold you through the dawn
I’d give you mine and make sure this night goes on



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