Breaking through the window with the darkness I feel surrounding the echoes of a past life

Going through the motions on a roller coaster of emotions waiting for the sun light

The words heard yet not felt

The promises told but not kept

The dangers of holding on to the same hand that has stopped giving warmth

The layers to the masquerade

the chaotic manoeuvres that stomp away on ice

Breaking through & going inside

Chilled to the bone

Hard as stone

And yet we survive

Children of the angels that were promised by Gods that don’t exist

And used by the humans that torment in their name, blinded by a mist

Raise a fist

To stand for a light at the end of the tunnel

Made on the catastrophes of a divided past

That still persists

Crave for the blood like a lust driven pervert 

On a dark night

And sleep by the sidewalk 

While the strangers in the night talk

Waiting for the sun rise



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