I’ll Stand

I’ll Stand For Their Rights

Be it to fight Caste, Religion or Patriarchy

Not because it goes against the grain

Not to stand distinct from the sheep

But because my education demands it

Because I am not a machine


To understand one’s privilege

& uplift others

Is not radical, you stupid motherfuckers

It’s normal

It’s how it should be

Perhaps you are the radicalised fascist in the society

Just because there are more like you

Doesn’t make you right

To me you are all termites

More in population

But with no brains

No wonder you need to watch an insane dog on a leash on Republic

To stay sane


Truth hurts

That’s why you can’t hear it

Your Whatsapp ecosystem rewards you

That’s why you stay in it

But if it comes to your daughter

You’ll feign & call out sexism

While your hypocrisy knows no extreme

Filled with hate & whataboutery

Mockery of Democracy

You can’t stand equality

Your caste & religion are your priority

You are nothing without that identity

Your IQ is the real Minority

As minuscule as yourself

Forget heaven after death you are already living in hell

A prison of your own hate

Be it saffron or green

You are all the same

Sadists enjoying others’ pain

Ignorant to the core

Facts won’t bother you

Just listen to your religious lore

Till it smothers you

And when all is lost

& you become what you hate

Just remember

Your Fuhrer is going to live forever

He is doing great.


(Sab Changa Si)




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