A Visit To The Rehab Ward

Storm the beach shores

Ignore the world wails

Suffering & cleansing the same

On a long rode of violent trail

Embrace the darkness

Ride the dark night

Demons of present past

All nurtured inside

Go for the throat

Let the rains bleed

Brighter the colours

More powerful the seed

One shot of lethal injection

And the heart lays ripped

No guarantee of tomorrow

A long road of bad acid trip

Sudden darkness eclipses

The ever cognitive mind

Pounding heart & grasping breaths

The only sign of life

Parents cries unheard

A forgotten lover’s wail

The mind laid barren & dead

Forever sentenced to jail

Waiting for the escape

While locking the door himself

Expecting a heaven’s embrace

While hearing the hell’s bells

Is it the drug?

Or the self created tomb?

A God Never Repliea

A Dealer Never Consumes



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